Family First
Client: Lefties

The film and editorial design concept is a love story who pays tribute to every family. An awareness about appreciate all our loved ones do for us. With a great casting, production and art direction, Family First has taken a great deal of post-production and color grading to achieve the ambiance we desire.

Family First – The Film
Talent: Simone Jacob, Elvira Herrería, Charlotte Robinson, Marta Gawron, Francesca MC, Clara Mas,
Raquel Brito, Huijun Zhang, Kylie, Rose, Naomi, Zoe, Gary Kamb, Michel Francoeur,
Matus Kolarovsky, Biel, Pierre François, Ilay K and Umberto Willahermosa.
Lighting, color grading, skin retouching and postproduction effects
Web Interaction
Mobile Interaction